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The Rt. Rev. Michael L. Vono, D.D., has announced his intention to retire in the late fall of 2018, and has initiated the process for the eventual election of his successor, who will be the tenth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande.

The Standing Committee will be appointing a Search Committee and Transitions Committee to oversee the process leading up to the election in late Spring of 2018.

Updates on the process will be posted in the News and Events listing, and linked to the Search logo on the diocesan website home page.

Click here for the Bishop’s letter to the Diocese.

Standing Committee

Members of the Standing Committee are always available for e-mails, phone calls, and visits about this process. Get in touch with us at:

Rev. Paul Moore (Pres.)Padrequiteno@gmail.com254-368-6475
Dr. Kathleen Pittmankpittman@uwa.edu575-491-4218
The Rev. Rod Hurstrodhurst@me.com575-885-6200
Paula Motepeashorn@q.com505-328-5181
The Rev. Dan Tutondtuton@comcast.net505-830-0572
Christine Johnsonchrisjrn@msn.com505-473-0884

Search Committee

Lay Co-chairRoy Benavides
Chaplain to the ProcessThe Rev. Don Heacox
Northeast DeaneryHeather Leibman, Rev. Catherine Volland, Rev. Jim Gordon
Northwest DeaneryJack Sloan, Beth Noland (also Clergy Co-chair), Victor Rizzo
Southeast DeaneryJerry O'Dette, Rev. Beverly Moore-Tasy, Rev. Suzanne Brockmeier
Southwest DeaneryPaul Thomason, Rev. James Brzezinski, Patrick Lamb

Prayer for Seeking a New Bishop for The Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande

Holy and Almighty God our Father, You have blessed us in the Diocese of the Rio Grande in manifold ways over the past years. You have strengthened us, united us, loved us, guided us.
We thank you, Lord.
Touch the hearts of able clergy men and women throughout the Episcopal Church so that they might hear your call upon their lives to do your work among us and with us and through us.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with our Diocesan Bishop Search Committee that they will discern your will in choosing good candidates who will be elected by the diocese to be our future Bishop.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with our Diocesan Transition Committee as they guide us in blending our lives and our ministries with that of our new Bishop in order that we move forward in our life together.
We entreat you, Lord.
Be with us all. Give us patience and trust as we seek a new shepherd for our diocese. Be with us, Lord, for the sake of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Santo y todopoderoso Dios, Padre nuestro, en la Diócesis del Rio Grande nos has bendecido de múltiples maneras en estos últimos años. Nos has fortalecido, unido, amado y guiado.
Te damos gracias, Señor.
Toca los corazones de clérigos capaces en toda la Iglesia Episcopal para que puedan escuchar tu llamado a dedicar sus vidas a la obra que haces entre nosotros, con nosotros y a través nuestro.
Te suplicamos, Señor.
Obra en nuestro Comité Diocesano de Nominaciones para que pueda discernir tu voluntad en la selección de buenos candidatos, de entre quienes la diócesis elegirá nuestro futuro obispo.
Te suplicamos, Señor.
Obra en nuestro Comité Diocesano de Transición mientras nos guía hacia la armonización de nuestras vidas y nuestros ministerios con los del nuevo obispo para que unidos podamos continuar hacia adelante en nuestras vidas.
Te suplicamos, Señor.
Mora con nosotros. Danos paciencia y fe en la búsqueda de un nuevo pastor para nuestra diócesis. Mora con nosotros, Señor, por tu hijo, Jesucristo. Amén.