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Outreach and Inclusion

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The Diocese of the Rio Grande made significant advances in creating a sense of unity among congregations. Although geographic dispersion continues to create challenges to forming a sense of full inclusiveness, shared missions, ministries and leadership strategies serve to develop cohesiveness within the Diocese.

The Diocese of the Rio Grande is engaged in a variety of programs to spread the word of God, to reach and retain youths, and to serve those in need. Many of these programs are guided by an appointed missioner, coordinator or dean.

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While there are numerous Diocesan and congregational programs, the following provides an indication of the ministries underway in the Diocese.

  • Poverty and Outreach Board
  • Rio Grande Borderland Ministries: Caring for All God’s Children
  • Latino/Hispanic Ministry
  • Native American Ministries
  • Youth and Young Adult Ministries
  • Summer Camp Program at Bishop’s Ridge
  • Campus Ministries
  • Bishop’s School for Ministries
  • Cursillo
  • United Thank Offering
  • The Daughters of the King
  • The Order of St. Luke
  • The Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Service programs

Several of the current programs grew out of the Diocese’s “Matthew 25 Conference” in 2008 and were brought to fruition under the pastoral leadership of Bishop Michael Vono. As indicated by the programs and ministries listed, the Diocese is committed to reaching out to the Hispanic and Native American communities that comprise a significant percent of the population within the Diocese, and yet are underrepresented in our congregations. Youth programs and ministries to renew and retain the faithful are equally important initiatives.

Overall, a total of over $800,000 of our annual budget is committed to support mission congregations, border outreach programs, youth activities, evangelism, service to the disadvantaged, and similar programs. A more detailed breakdown of funding by category is given in the chart that follows.