Commission on Ministry of the Baptized

Commission Members

+The Hon. A. Joseph Alarid , Chair**
+The Rev. Deacon Laurie Benavides, Co-Chair**
+2018 Ms. Anne McCormick* The Rev. Suzanne Brockmeier**
+2017 Dr. Charmazel Dudt** The Rev. Michael Drinkwater*
+2016 Ms. Cynthia Lose* The Rev. Dr. Lin Lilley**
+2015 The Rev. Christopher McLaren* The Hon. A. Joseph Alarid**

Canon Theologian: The Very Rev. Canon Douglas Travis
+Liaison from Standing Committee: Ms. Christine Johnson (2015)*
+Psychological Advisor:  Mr. Bob G. Stice**
+Recent Seminarian:  The Rev. Chloe Tischler-Chavez  (2015)**
+Canon VI: The Rev. Deacon Laurie Benavides (2015)**
* Elected by Convocation
** Appointed by Bishop
+ Voting Members

Commission on Ministry of the Baptized Meeting Dates

March 25-26
September 2-3
November 4-5